What happens when I fill out the "sign up" form?

When you share your contact information with us, we will follow-up with an email contacting you with study opportunities that are currently available for your child. We will send you a study description and a consent form in advance. You can ask any questions before the appointment and decide whether you would like to participate. We keep your information secure and do not share or use it for any purpose beyond this.

How old are the children usually involved in your research?

The majority of our projects include children from ages 3-12. Occasionally we have projects running with toddlers, as well as teenagers, so please feel free to sign up any child ages 0 to 18.

Why should I sign up?

Your participation in this research will help us to better understand how children think about the social world! Additionally, we give $15 Amazon gift cards per child per visit as a thank you for participation, as well as a fun prize that children get to pick out themselves. Most children find their experience in the lab to be very enjoyable - during our studies, they get to participate in activities like reading stories, watching puppet shows, and playing games! We are also happy to chat with you more about what we have found in our research. We do not report children’s individual data, because we are looking for overall trends of how groups of children behave, but we send out a newsletter twice a year with overall study results.

What do children do in your projects?

Every study in the lab is different, but we design all our studies with children’s interest in mind. We try to make our studies as fun, interesting, and short as possible. During some studies, we will have children read stories or watch puppet shows and then ask them questions about what they think. In other studies, children will play with new toys or try out new games and we will try to see how they behave or respond in particular situations. Children usually enjoy the activities in the lab, but participation is always up to you and your child. Appointments usually last between 15-30 minutes per child.